Outbuilding Power

Detached garage with underground electrical service

Figure 1a - Detached garage with underground electrical service

Power For A Detached Garage, Shed,
Greenhouse Or Workshop - Part 1

Part 2

Most individuals require power in all buildings on their property, and if that building is not physically connected to the house, you will need to run the power from the home to the outbuilding. Figure 1a shows a detached garage with an underground electrical service, at minimum, supplying outdoor lighting.

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You have 2 methods available to you to provide power to a building that is detached from your home electrical service.

  1. Underground Electrical Service
  2. Overhead Electrical Service
  3. If you will require more than one circuit, using either method, I recommend the addition of a sub-panel or load center in the outbuilding in order to distribute the power. The alternative is to run numerous power circuits from the home to the outbuilding. Help on determining the number of circuits required for your outbuilding.

  1. Underground Electrical Service:
  2. Underground is definitely my preferred method of running any electrical requirements on a property. It is aesthetically more pleasing, safer and will survive even the most violent of storms.

    Although manufacturers now produce numerous direct burial cable, I believe that it is much better if you run the electrical cable in a conduit, as shown in Figure 1. The conduit not only protects the cable from damage from rocks and stones, but provides protection should you decide to plant a tree on top of the cable's route. A conduit also provides you with the convenient ability to upgrade the service to the outbuilding, should you require additional power in the future.

underground conduit entry in wall of a home

Figure 1 - Underground conduit entry in wall of a home

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